Monday, February 9, 2015

Wine Grapes, Napa Valley, California, USA

More Wine on the Vine.  The print of these grapes literally makes my mouth water.  I have been told that wine grapes are not sweet like the ones in the grocery store, but man these look yummmmy.  I was shooting one weekend up in Napa Valley, CA and was out in the vineyard when a car stopped and a lady came up to inquire what we were doing.  I explained that we were just out for a day of photography.  She looked at us for a minute and said to have a great day and be careful around the grapes.  I believe she was the vineyard manager and was so cool about us shooting there.  

I have been in other vineyards when I was chased out almost on the end of a pitch fork.  Sometimes this photography stuff is dangerous.  I admit that I am build more for comfort than for speed these days so I have to rely on my wits... all two of them to get me out of trouble! *S*


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