Sunday, April 26, 2015

Glacier National Park, MT

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If you have never been to Montana, well you need to go.  There is a place there called Glacier National Park and it belongs on everyone's bucket list. Trust me on this!  I took 5 weeks back in 2005 and toured as many of the national parks as I could get to in that time.  Sitting on the back terrace of the lodge at Crater Lake National Park (sit on the terrace have a beer and clam chowder) I struck up a conversation with a gentleman in his mid to late 70s.  We talked about my trip and when I expressed possibly skipping Glacier he almost quit talking to me.  As he put it, Glacier is like Yosemite times a hundred.  I will not go that far, because I find Yosemite a special place.  However, it was enough to get me to go and it was worth every second of the 750 mile (one way) trip.  This photo is from a section of the park on the east side.  This panoramic is about 36 inches long and 18 inches high without enlargement.  I have not printed it that large yet but maybe its day has come!  Have a great day.

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