Saturday, February 28, 2015

Camping in the Aliner


Thought I would show you guys what my home away from home looks like.  This is a 2005 Aliner.  It is perfect for one person and two if you really like each other.  I call it my aluminum tent! LOL.  However, the old tent did not have hot and cold running water, a heater, an air conditioner Yeah!, a three burner stove, built in lights, electric fans, refrigerator, and a full size regular bed.  This is my home while out shooting photography.  It works just fine!

I got so tired of sleeping on the ground.  I tent camped for about 13 years doing photography trips before I bought this thing.  I also camped for a month in a tent while working on master's thesis in June in Mississippi on the gulf coast.. man what I would have given those days for air conditioning!


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